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Guild Message of the Day - November 15th
This is now a redundant website, as is the Curse website. We have found a new, better home at - please visit us there!

Dark Wolves News

October 1st

Website Choice

So far I have only had a few guild members feed back to me about their preferred site, and all of them have been in favour of WowStead.  As we are leaning that way at the moment, I'm going to continue working on that site to get it in reasonable shape.  There is a possibility as well that the domain name to here ( will get transferred over to the WowStead site as we try to work out some bugs.  In the meantime, you can still reach this site by using

September 26th

The New WoWstead Site is UP

Okay guys - it is still in its "rough n ready" stage at the moment, and there are still parts that are a little buggy, so bear with me, but please can you do me a favour and have a poke around this website, AND the new wowstead one at - bear in mind that some bits are bugged - the roster still isn't completely stable, the calendar import doesnt currently work at all and the progression widget is wrong.  But overall, most of the features are there.

Hopefully in the next week or so, most of the bugs will have been ironed out of the WoWstead site, at which point we shall have to make a decision as to which site we prefer.  You also need to bear in mind that, currently, the WoWstead site shows some items that may not be available on "free" sites - but I will get a list together closer to the time as to what those are.

August 9th

Welcome to Guildzilla!

Hi guys.  Welcome to the new trial home of Dark Wolves.  I realise that the last week or so have been a bit of a pain as far as website stability has been concerned.  Unfortunately the host of the old site, WoWstead, were bought by Curse (yes, the same guys most of us download our addons from), but it seems the migration from the old host to the new one has not gone well.  We have had several days of no website at all, and then a week or so of struggling to get the new "improved" site to an adequate standard that we could actually use it.  Unfortunately as at this time, I cannot class it as anywhere near ready. 


The new Curse-hosted website was full of problems and bugs - some of which they have been working on to try to fix, but others were apparently brought to their attention months ago during the beta testing phase to no avail, and yet other features that we took for granted on the previous site have simply been stripped out.  Some have been transferred to subscription only sites, some have simply been taken away completely with a "possibility" of a return sometime in the future.


So ... just to make life even more interesting for myself, but also to safeguard our old data, I have decided to try to persist with the Curse migration for a little longer, but in the meantime also set this site up as a "backup/potential replacement".  Depending how things go with Curse and with this site, we may end up using either as our main website. 


In the meantime, I think it us prudent and fair to be able to access a site that works, albeit slightly more feature-free than before.


Please poke and prod this site and let me know what you think, if there is anything on the previous site that you miss or if there is anything you would really like to see here.


The old site ( which can also currently be found at is up only temporarily for a few weeks, after which time Curse will be turning it off completely.

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